On Display: "Our Wonderful Universe"

Our Wonderful Universe”: Astronomy and the study of outer space at the University of Toronto
University of Toronto Archives Reading Room | Fall 2016

Photograph: Dr. Chant at his cottage on Go Home Bay, 1904.

The University of Toronto introduced its first astronomy courses in 1905, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Clarence Chant, the father of Canadian astronomy.

U of T observatories, including the Toronto Magnetic and Meteorological Observatory, the David Dunlap Observatory, and the University of Toronto Southern Observatory in Chile, have led to internationally-celebrated discoveries by world-renowned researchers.

This exhibit highlights some of the achievements of University of Toronto faculty who have made significant contributions to our understanding of the universe. Drs. Clarence Chant, Helen Hogg, Bernard Etkin, Robert Garrison, and many others have been international leaders in astronomy and aerospace studies.

Alongside cutting-edge research, many faculty members participated in efforts to popularize astronomy across Canada, ensuring that future generations would continue to be captivated by the wonder of outer space.

Photograph: Dr. Chant at his cottage on Go Home Bay, 1904.