On Display: The UofT and High Performance Sporting Events

Exhibit: The UofT and High Performance Sporting Events
University of Toronto Archives: 4th floor of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
October-December 2015
The University of Toronto has a long history of supporting high performance sporting events such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and the Pan American Games. University staff, students and alumni have contributed through their participation as athletes, coaches and officials. Others have contributed to academic discourses around these sporting mega-events.


The display includes photos, records and artifacts from the following individuals

Charles Edward Higginbottom, coach and official. Charles Edward Higginbottom (University of Toronto Bursar, 1939-1955) was very active in Canadian athletics. He served as Ontario Branch Manager of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada (AAUC) in the 1930s, accompanied the Canadian Olympic Boxing and Wrestling teams as a manager and coach (1928 and 1932 Games). He also belonged to Canadian Olympic Games and British Empire Games Committees (1928-1936).

Thomas Loudon, rowing. Thomas Richardson Loudon was a Professor in the Department of Civil and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Toronto.  Prior to joining the Department, Loudon won a silver medal in 8s men rowing at the 1904 Olympics.  Loudon continued his rowing career as the Varsity Rowing Club Coach (1920-1937) and led the Canadian Olympic Rowing Team to a silver medal in Paris in 1924. Loudon and Higginbottom served together on the AAUC in the 1920s, and Loudon was also a key figure in getting the British Empire Games to Hamilton in 1930. 

 Mikhel Turk, 1960s track and field photographs. Turk was a student at the University of Toronto from 1960-1963 who combined his interests in photography and athletics to capture the world of North American track and field through the 1960s.  This was a time when Canadian track athletes, many of which were U of T students, excelled on the world stage.  Many national and international meets were held in Toronto some of which were hosted by the University of Toronto at Varsity Stadium.

    Image: Runners Bruce Kidd and Harry Jerome at British Empire Game Trials at East York, August 1962. Photograph by Mikhel Turk.