Oral histories & sound recordings

From 1973 to 1993, the Library Oral History Programme recorded the personal memories of senior administrative staff, selected members of the faculty, and students involved in campus governance. Over 100 interviews, totalling some 400 hours, were produced to complement both university and private records.  In addition, there are tapes from the Women in Medicine Oral History Project, and copies of tapes and transcripts from the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine Oral History Project.

Other sound recordings preserved include early records of the Hart House Glee Club and the Lady Godiva Band, some speeches and lecture series on campus including the Wiegand Lecture Series, a full recording of the 1960s teach-ins held at Varsity Stadium and interviews on Harold Innis.  As well, many sound recordings are preserved in the records of faculty as part of their primary research including anthropologist/linguist William Samarin and historian Robert Bothwell.