Private records

The University Archives acquires private records from people and groups affiliated with the University including faculty, alumni and student organizations. Harold Innis, C.B. MacPherson, C.P Stacey, Helen Hogg, Harry Cassidy, James Loudon,J. Tuzo Wilson, George Wrong, Samuel Hollander and Donald Coxeter are just a few of the reknown faculty whose papers are preserved here. Private records not only support the institutional records in recording administrative activities, but also document teaching and research methods.  Personal records from faculty contain a wealth of information on the individual, their achievements, their roles in professional associations, their relationships with other academics as well as their research and publishing contributions within their particular field of expertise.   Correspondence and diaries contained in records from students document, in a very personal way, student life on campus.   Similarly,  records from organizations such as the Engineering Society, Canadian Officers' Training Corps, Madawaska Club, and the Innis Communications Corporation demonstrate the wide range of activities on and off campus of students and faculty.

For information on making a donation to the Archives, see Gifts of Private Records.