University records

University administrative records (approximately 68% of our holdings) document the day-to-day operations of the University of Toronto. Early 19th century records include among others, records of its predecessor, the University of King's College (including the Charter of 1827), the survey and management of its endowment lands, and the beginnings of Upper Canada College. In 1850, the secularized University of Toronto acquired the charter and property of its predecessor and began to document its operations in the records of its Senate and Office of the Bursar. Over the last century the Office of the President, Office of the Provost and other senior executive officers chronicle the management of a growing institution of higher learning.

Records of academic divisions such as the faculties of Arts and Science, Medicine, Applied Science and Engineering, Dentistry, Music, Nursing, and Forestry, School of Graduate Studies, School of Continuing Studies and many others, contain information on the development of courses and programmes, policies, meetings, students, research, faculty and staff, finances, and events dating from the mid-nineteenth century

For more information on managing and transferring records, see University Administrators.