Administration access

How do University administrators access University records that have been transferred to the University Archives and are subject to the FIPPA Act?

1. Access by administrators to their own office’s records:

Administrators who request access to their own office’s records for an administrative purpose may access the records after providing identification and registering as a reader. No other approval is required. This includes records which may contain personal information.

Example: A major gift officer employed by the Division of University Advancement (DUA) may access records of that department such as the Alumni cards.

2. Access by administrators to the records of another office’s records:

Administrators who request access to another office’s records (i.e. they are not employed in that department or division) must provide a letter of authorization signed by the head of that office (or designate). The administrator must also provide identification and be registered as a reader.

Example: Major gift officer in DUA requests access to student records of the Faculty of Arts and Science. The gift officer must bring letter of authorization from the Registrar (or designate) from the Faculty of Arts.


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