Public access

How does a researcher or a member of the public access records that are subject to the FIPPA?

There are three ways that a researcher or a member of the public may access records that are subject to FIPPA. These are:
1. Informal Access Review Request
2. Research Agreement
3. Formal Access Request

To determine which process is most appropriate for you, please contact the Records Archivist.

1. Informal Access Request: An informal access request (IAR) involves an informal review outside of formal FIPPA access procedures. No fees are charged for an IAR and the paperwork associated with a formal access request is avoided. However, researchers who choose the informal access process forgo certain rights granted under FIPPA such as the right to appeal a denial of access to information. Researchers who are unsatisfied with IAR results can submit a formal FIPPA access request. For more information click here.

2. Research Agreement: A research agreement is used to request access to and authorize disclosure of university records for research or statistical purposes. Section 21(1)(e) of FIPPA provides that it is possible, under certain conditions, for researchers to access restricted records via a research agreement depending on the nature of the research being conducted and if the researchers are willing to adhere to the terms of the research agreement.

3. Formal Access Request: Researchers can make a formal access request to the University of Toronto FIPPA Office.

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