1.1 To advise the President on the policies and procedures of the University Archives.

1.2  To review and approve the development, implementation and maintenance of the University's Records Management Programme, including the institution of a standard file classification system for corporate records and the establishment of records retention and disposition schedules.

1.3  To approve Records Retention and Disposition Schedules authorizing either the destruction of corporate records having no archival value or the permanent retention of corporate records appraised by the University Archivist to have permanent value.

1.4  To ensure the preservation and use of the University's corporate records possessing archival value.

2.  Membership

Members shall serve by virtue of their office and include the:

2.1  University Registrar (or nominee);

2.2  Secretary, Governing Council (or nominee);

2.3  Vice-President, Administration and Human Resources (or nominee);

2.4  Vice-President and Provost (or nominee);

2.5  University Librarian (or nominee);

2.6  University Archivist (Executive Secretary).

2.7 Two ad hoc members appointed by the President.

3.   Officers

The Committee shall have a Chairperson who shall be appointed by the President from the membership of the committee. The University Archivist shall serve as Executive Secretary to the Committee.

4.   General Procedures 

4.1 The Committee shall meet at least annually. Meetings will be at the call of the Chairperson.

4.2 The University Archivist shall report annually to the President through the Committee on matters relating to Archives and Records Management.

4.3  The University Archivist is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive records management programme. Records management is a systematic approach to the creation, use, storage, retrieval, disposal and archival preservation of the corporate records of the University through:

4.3.1  Inventories of administrative and operational records;

4.3.2  File classification systems standardized for efficient and effective retrieval of information;

4.3.3  Records retention and disposition schedules documenting the active, semi-active and inactive stages of record series and directing their destruction or transfer to the University Archives for permanent retention because of their archival value.

4.4   The University Archivist is responsible for the appraisal of the University's corporate records to ensure the permanent preservation of records possessing archival values. Archival values are residual values accorded to inactive records by the Records Archivist for those record series possessing legal/individual rights values (values which protect the rights of the University and of individuals associated with the University), evidential values (values which document policy and decision-making activities), informational values (values which contribute substantially to research in any field of knowledge).

5Records Officers 

A Records Officer shall be designated for appropriate university academic and administrative offices. The Records Officer shall be responsible for the application of records management policies and procedures approved by the Presidential Advisory Committee on Archives and Records Management.

Revised section 1.3 1992 07 02
Revised section 2.3 1994 10 20