Image Bank ordering

Ordering Information

Download and fill out either:

Getting Your Scans

Your order will be uploaded to a file share site and a link e-mailed to you so the images can be downloaded. High resolution digital scans cannot be sent through e-mail due to their larges file size.  

Methods of payment and payment options

All orders must be prepaid and the cost is $25.00 per digital image + HST.
Cash, Cheque, Visa, or MasterCard

  1. By EMAIL to marnee.gamble@utoronto (email filled out order form as an attachment)
  2. By FAX: 416-946-5343
  3. By MAIL: 
    University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services
    120 St. George St., 4th floor
    Toronto, ON
    M5S 1A5 Canada
  4. In PERSON at the University of Toronto Archives

For orders from internal UofT Depts.: Please provide CC# and CFC#

Please note: all payments must also have an order form attached.

Copyright and terms of use

The University Archives may not be the copyright holder of images or documents in its collection. For this reason, responsibility for infringement of copyright or other rights is assumed by the user, who is fully responsible for obtaining permission for use from the copyright holder.  The University of Toronto Archives must be credited for any images used in publication, exhibition, film, video or TV broadcast, or on any cd or website. Proper citation must accompany credit.