PIB: Health and Safety Program – case files

Title of PIB: Health and Safety Program – case files
Location: Human Resources
Information Maintained: Includes name, medical information, assessment request/report forms, physical demands and job analysis forms, accident/incident/occupational disease report forms, WCB forms/files/information.  Government forms and information.  Human Resources forms and information.  Accident/incident/occupational disease report forms, type of accident and injury, violation of safety rules, description of events.  Correspondence.  Long term disability/leave of absence files
Uses: To aid in compliance with health and safety legislation and to document accidents, incidents, occupational disease, WCB claims and information on employees who have enrolled in the LTD insurance plan, and are on long term disability leave
Users: Human Resources
Individuals in the PIB: Employees
Legal Authority: University of Toronto Act, 1971
Retention and Disposal: Permanent