Fonds listing for University Records

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(NB: “University of Toronto” should be inferred unless otherwise indicated)

Advisory Committee of the Institute of Computer Science
Advisory Committee on Faculty Housing Assistance
Archives and Records Management Services
Art Committee
Audiovisual Library

Banting and Best Department of Medical Research
Board of Governors

Career Centre
Centre for Industrial Relations
Centre for International Studies
Centre for Large Scale Computation
Centre for Russian and East European Studies
Centre of Criminology
Chief Financial Officer
College of Education
College of Electors
Combined Department of English
Commission on University Government
Committee on Supplementary Income and Related Activities
Community Relations Office
Computer Centre



David Dunlap Observatory
        See also Department of Astronomy
Department of Admissions
Department of Alumni Affairs
Department of Alumni and Community Relations
Department of Alumni and Development
Department of Anaesthesia
Department of Anthropology
Department of Art as Applied to Medicine
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Department of Athletics and Recreation
Department of Behavioural Science
Department of Biochemistry
Department of Biology
Department of Botany
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Communications
Department of Community Health
Department of Computer Science
Department of East Asian Studies
Department of Economics
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Engineering Drawing
Department of English
Department of Fine Art
Department of French
Department of Geography
Department of Geology
Department of German
Department of Graduate Records
Department of Health Administration
Department of History
Department of Industrial Engineering
Department of Information
See also Department of Information Services
Department of Information Services
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Department of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Italian Studies
Department of Mathematics
Department of Medical Genetics
Department of Medicine
Department of Mining Engineering
Department of Modern History and Modern languages
Department of Modern Languages and literature
Department of Occupational Therapy
Department of Otolaryngology
Department of Pathology and Bacteriology
Department of Philosophy
Department of Photographic Service
Department of Physics
Department of Physiology
Department of Political Economy
See also Department of Economics
Department of Political Science
Department of Psychiatry
Department of Psychology
Department of Public Affairs
Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies
Department of Sociology
Department of Surgery
Department of University Extension
Department of University Extension and Publicity
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Department of Zoology



Elementary Physical Laboratory
Erindale College 
Ethics Review Office


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Faculty of Architecture, Urban and regional planning and landscape architecture
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Arts and Science
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Food Sciences
Faculty of Forestry
Faculty of Household Science

          See Faculty of Food Sciences.

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Library and Information Science
Faculty of Library Science
Faculty of Management Studies
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Music
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Physical Education and Health
See also School of Physical and Health Education
Faculty of Social Work
Fields Institute for Mathematical Research


Governing Council
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama
Graduate Department of English
Graduate Department of History
Graduate Department of Philosophy
Graduate Department of Political Science
Graduate Department of Speech Pathology
Great Lakes Institute


Hart House
Hart House Theatre
Health Service
History of Medicine
Human Resources
Hungarian Chair


Innis College
Information Management Services
Institute for Aerospace Studies
Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Studies
Institute of Business Administration
Institute of Computer Science
Institute of Immunology
Instructional Media Services
International Student Centre
International Teach-in Committee


Joint Committee on External Hiring
Joseph L. Rotman School of Management



Labour Relations
Latin American Studies
    See also Office of the Chief Librarian, and under name of library.


Map Library
Massey College
Mathematics Department. See Department of Mathematics
McLennan Physical Laboratories
Media Centre
Munk Centre for International Studies
Museum Studies Program





Office of Academic Statistics and Records
Office of Admissions and Awards
Office of Convocation
Office of Gift Planning
Office of Public Relations
Office of  Research Administration
Office of Statistics and Records
Office of Statistics, records and convocation
Office of Student Awards
Office of the Assistant Vice-president Student Affairs
Office of the Assistant Vice-president Technology Transfer
Office of the Bursar
Office of the Chancellor
Office of the Chief Accountant
Office of the Chief Librarian
Office of the Comptroller
Office of the Director of Finance
Office of the Executive Vice-president (Academic) and Provost
Office of the President
Office of the Registrar
Office of the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
Ontario College of Education
Ontario College of Pharmacists
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/UT



Personnel Department
Physical Plant Department
President's Long Range Planning Committee on Alumni Affairs
Presidential Advisory Committee on Disciplinary Procedures
Presidential Advisory Committee on Enrolment
Presidential Advisory Committee on Salaries and Benefits
Presidential Advisory Committee on Social Responsibilities
Presidential Advisory Committee on the future development of the School of Hygiene
Presidential Advisory Committee on the University of Toronto Press
Presidential Advisory Committee on undergraduate instruction in Faculty of Arts and Science
Presidential Advisory Committee to review the new programme in the Faculty of Arts and Science
Provostial Task Force on Academic Computing
Public and Community Relations




Royal Conservatory of Music


Scarborough College (Toronto, Ont.)
School of Architecture
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
            See also Faculty of Architecture
School of Chinese Studies
School of Continuing Studies
School of Engineering Research
School of Graduate Studies
School of Hygiene
School of Nursing
School of Physical and Health Education
School of Practical Science
School of Social Work
Science and Medicine Library
Sesquicentennial Celebrations Council
Sigmund Samuel Library
SLOWPOKE Reactor Facility
Status of Women Office
Steam Plant
Student Housing Service
Student Record Services




Tenure Appeal Committee
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
Toronto Conservatory of Music
Treasury Department
Trinity College (Toronto, Ont.)



Undergrad Services Advisor and Campus Libraries Co-ordinator
University College (Toronto, Ont.)
University Health Services
University Historian
University News Bureau
University of King's College (Toronto, Ont.)
University Solicitor
University of Toronto Archives and Records Management Services
    See Archives
University Tribunal
University wide committee
     See Commission on University Government
Upper Canada College

Varsity Publications
Victoria University (Toronto, Ont.)


Woodsworth College (Toronto, Ont.)