PIB: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Title of PIB:

Human Resources Information System records (HRIS)


Human Resources, faculties and departments

Information Maintained:

Includes employment records including benefits, hiring, performance, education, promotion, attendance, leaves, discipline, grievances, terminations.  Application for employment, staff appointments, status change, letters of offer, benefit application, benefit information change, family composition, beneficiaries, employee status, CV, correspondence, retirement/resignation, medical data, banking data, awards.  SIN, salary/appointment, history of changes, absences, benefits, tenure, spouse, children.  Active and inactive human resources files


To document record of employment including academic and administrative staff, and unionized employees including salaries, appointments, absences, benefits, education, beneficiaries, tenure, promotion, spouses and children


Human Resources/faculties and departments

Individuals in the PIB:

All employees

Legal Authority:

University of Toronto Act, 1971

Retention and Disposal: