Digital records transfer

UTARMS is pleased to offer university offices and departments the ability to transfer digital records directly to the Archives.

Interested? Please fill out this online form first or contact us with any questions.


  1. Fill out transfer request form
    • Once the form has been reviewed, UTARMS staff will follow-up by email.
  2. You will receive links to two shared folders: DOCUMENTATION and FILES
    • DOCUMENTATION is a space for any notes or comments that should be included about the digital records that are being transferred to UTARMS. Uploads may include file lists, images/screenshots of file structure, or a general description of the types of files being transferred. 
    • FILES is the space designated for the digital records that will be transferred to UTARMS.

These links will be valid for 2 weeks from the date they are emailed to you.

    • Drag the file(s) into the browser window
    • Keep the window open until you see the file(s) listed under Uploaded files
Screenshot showing the web browser page to upload files
  1. FILES upload
    • On your computer, select all the files and folders you’d like to upload (CTRL+A) and right-click and scroll to Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
    • Drag the .zip file(s) into the browser window
    • Total upload size cannot exceed 6 GB.

NOTE: Please let us know if your files are only in OneDrive/Sharepoint and not stored locally on your computer. A different transfer method will be required.

Screenshot showing how create a compressed (zipped) folder

  1. Once the upload process is complete, notify UTARMS for review. When UTARMS has successfully retrieved the records, a notification will be sent along with a spreadsheet inventory of what was received.
    • At this point you may destroy your copy of the digital records.
    • Retaining copies of records that have been transferred to the UTARMS poses potential security risks, and compromises the authenticity and reliability of the digital records that have been transferred to UTARMS.