Transferring paper records to the Archives

For information about transferring born-digital records, see Digital records transfer

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Please read these instructions just before preparing paper records for transfer. Before records are transferred to the University Archives, please review disposing of records to ensure that the records should be transferred to the Archives and not maintained for a longer period of time by the office or destroyed. Compliance with all instructions will ensure efficient access after the records have been received by the University Archives. Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to the Records Archivist.

Preparation for transfer
Once UTARMS has received the signed Statement of Appraisal, the transferring office may proceed with the following steps:

  1. Separation of records to be transferred
    Records to be transferred to the University Archives are separated from those not to be transferred, as specified in the retention and disposition schedules or in the Statement of Appraisal.
  2. Packing records in 1 standard cu. ft. boxes
    storage box
    The records must be packed in 1 cu. ft. records storage boxes. These can be obtained from the Purchasing Department or from an office supplies store. The University Archives will not accept receipt of records packed in any other type of container.

Placement of records in boxes
Records must be placed in the storage boxes in the same order specified on the file list. Files in each box must be arranged for easy reading of any labels. Boxes should not be overfilled or under-filled, since files that are squeezed or slumped may become damaged. Hanging file folders must not be packed with the files.

Numbering the boxes
Boxes must be numbered consecutively (Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, ... until the last box), by writing the box number in bold figures on two sides of the outside of each box.

Listing of boxes
Compile the list using the file list template. The list must represent only those records selected for transfer to the University Archives, as specified in the Statement of Appraisal or in the Records Schedule. The final list should reflect the order of the files within each box. 

Sending the list to UTARMS
One hard copy of the list is placed in Box No. 1, while the original list  is emailed as an attachment to the Records Archivist. In the email message, be sure to include your name, telephone number, department/office, and the format in which the attachment is saved. For security reasons, the list of contents should not be pasted on the outside of the box.

The transferring office should keep a copy of the final list for their future reference.

Shipment of records

When the records are ready, the transferring office contacts the Records Archivist to arrange for pickup and delivery to the University Archives.

Acknowledgement by Archives

After the records have been received by UTARMS, they are given an accession number to facilitate future retrieval and consultation. The Records Archivist will acknowledge receiving the records and will inform the transferring office of the accession number in writing.

Use of records after transfer

Since the custody of the records after transfer resides with the University Archives, any use of the records by the transferring office must follow regular Archives reference procedures. Access to records in the custody of the University Archives is governed by the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and relevant University policies.  No records may be removed from the Archives, and all records must be used in the Archives reading room during regular hours of operation. Photocopying services for the transferring office are available.