Records retention and classification

The University of Toronto classifies its records into two main categories:

1. Administrative records: Records which document the support or “housekeeping” functions of the office, such as human resources, finance, equipment and supplies, buildings and properties and general administrative matters.

2. Operational records: Records that document the specific functions or activities of the office and are unique to the office as indicated by the mandate of that office. For example, the School of Graduate Studies is responsible for the management of graduate awards, or a department within the Faculty of Medicine that is responsible for the management of residency files.

Most of the University’s Administrative Records have been classified within the UofT File Plan. The UofT File Plan also includes retention and disposition requirements for Administrative Records.  Official records schedules for Administrative Records can also be found in the Retention Schedules database.

Retention and disposition requirements for Operational Records can be found in the Retention Schedules database, which can be searched by schedule number, office name, series title or contents. Classification of Operational Records is the responsibility of individual offices, however UTARMS can provide guidance through various training programs.