Records Management Training Courses

UTARMS is offering an online training session on Records Management Fundamentals and Responsibilities on Tuesday, June 29 from 11 AM-12 PM.

Staff can register through the LMS Catalog here (UTORid required). The instructor for the course is Andrea McCutcheon, Records Archivist.

Who Should Attend: Staff who work with University files (digital and paper) interested in learning UofT's Records Management program requirements and best practices.

Course Objectives: This session is an introduction and refresher about the University’s administrative Records Management Program. It will provide participants with a grounding in basic records management rules and techniques to properly maintain digital and paper records at the University of Toronto.

What You Will Learn:

  • What records management is and why it is important
  • The University Archives and Records Management Services (UTARMS) and its products and services
  • Which files are University Records
  • How to properly maintain University Records
  • How to properly dispose of University Records.