Records classification: the University of Toronto File Plan

Welcome to the University of Toronto File Plan. If you have not used the File Plan before, please begin by reading the Introduction.

The files are available to read on the web or for download. If desired, you can use your word processor to view, print, or modify the plan. 

File Plan

Introduction PDF  
Administrative Records:    
Administration (100-499) PDF Microsoft Word (.docx)
Buildings & Properties (500-599) PDF Microsoft Word (.docx)
Equipment & Supplies (600-699) PDF Microsoft Word (.docx)
Finance (700-799) PDF Microsoft Word (.docx)
Human Resources (800-899) PDF Microsoft Word (.docx)

Any comments or questions about the File Plan should be directed to the Records Archivist.

Former File Plan

Introduction [Microsoft Word]
Administrative Records:
Administration (100-499) [Microsoft Word]
Buildings & Properties (500-599) [Microsoft Word]
Equipment & Supplies (600-699) [Microsoft Word]
Finance (700-799) [Microsoft Word]
Human Resources (800-899) [Microsoft Word]
Index [Microsoft Word]