PIB: Academic Employee files

Title of PIB:  Academic Employee files
Location: Human Resources, faculties and departments
Information Maintained: Includes name, address, email address, telephone number, employee number, date of birth, CV, educational information, emergency contact information, beneficiaries, dependents, SIN, salary, benefits, discipline, reference letters, teaching evaluations.  Includes records relating to hiring, benefits, performance, education, promotion, attendance, leaves, discipline, grievances, terminations.  Includes information on active and inactive faculty, tenured/tenure track academic staff, sessional faculty, academic appointments, cross-appointment files and faculty denied promotion/tenure dossiers
Uses: To document and maintain record of employment and human resources information, including faculty tenure and promotions
Users: Human Resources, managers
Individuals in the PIB: Academic Employees
Legal Authority: University of Toronto Act, 1971
Retention and Disposal: Permanent