PIB: Payroll/Compensation

Title of PIB: Payroll/Compensation
Location: Human Resources
Information Maintained: Includes name, address, employee number, SIN, salary, benefits, fiscal YTD salary and benefits, amounts and types of income, deductions, effective dates, end dates.  Canada Savings Bonds information.  Forms, i.e. staff appointment, status change, benefit information, action, calculation, payment authorization, pension plan application for exemption, United Way employee contribution, OHIP, research grant payment, income tax, correspondence
Uses: To administer and verify salaries, deductions, lump sum payments, benefits, pension, other contributions and payments, applications for purchase of Canada Savings Bonds and income tax 
Users: Human Resources
Individuals in the PIB: Employees
Legal Authority: University of Toronto Act, 1971
Retention and Disposal: Permanent