PIB: University Disciplinary Tribunal – case files

Title of PIB: University Disciplinary Tribunal – case files
Location: Office of the Governing Council, University Tribunal
Information Maintained: Includes name, address, email address, telephone number, student number, record of offence, work in question, character references, personal statement.  Case files of: Academic Appeals Committee, Trial Division, Appeals Board Division.  Notice of appeal by student, supporting documentation provided by student and division.  Testimony of participants; evidence of prosecution and defence.  Correspondence, exhibits, decision.
Uses: To document charges and findings including evidence presented at cases for students.  To retain a record of documentation created for hearings
Users: Office of Governing Council, University Tribunal office, Deans’ Offices
Individuals in the PIB: Students, participants in hearings
Legal Authority: University of Toronto Act, 1971
Retention and Disposal: Permanent